ingrid’s new album makes me so happy :))

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sky-scraperr replied to your post “if your meds make you really nauseous and want to puke every morning…”

Tell your doctor, he/she can put you on extra meds for nausea. I think they’re called stemetil. :)

thank you! i’m going to have to look into that, because overall my meds are really really helpful but the nausea sucks

if your meds make you really nauseous and want to puke every morning clap your hands

“‘It is finished.’ May those words land on your bones for the nights when fear tells you the cross was a beginning & you must finish grace.” — Jon Acuff (via godmoves)

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cassius slips a dagger into brutus’ hand. “do it,” he whispers. “for the vine.”

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Some “scary” animals would like you to have a better day. 

i want these on shirts

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Every Pop Punk Interview (x)

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i changed all my passwords because of the heartbleed thing but now i forget all of my passwords